The Gardens Budapest
PRESS Article

From August 2019, a fresh and exciting colour will be added to the palette of real estate offers in the 13th district of Budapest, at the corner of Reitter Ferenc and Tahi utca.  The Gardens Budapest residential estate will indeed represent an oasis in the Angyalföld area, as its 1,800m² park featuring an integrated ornamental garden, a playground and a sizeable garden lake guarantees a uniquely green, nature-like environment for its residents. The condominium is being built in two phases; in Phase 1, 35 + 36 flats will be completed in two buildings, while another 37 pragmatically designed flats will be added in Phase 2. 

The developers have clearly aimed for family-friendly design and a harmonic living space in the first place. Accordingly, the set of gardens between the buildings will only be accessible through closed staircases, in order to keep security and undisturbed peace a priority. Our family-friendly approach includes ensuring that a large number of children’s day-care facilities, kindergartens, schools and healthcare institutions are easily accessible in the surroundings. On top of the benefits provided by the urban environment, the experience of a natural environment is enhanced by Rákos-patak, a brook trickling nearby.

The Gardens Budapest is a true delicacy in the Hungarian real estate market in multiple respects: for instance, it will be the first time that such a large number of Japanese cherry trees will be planted in Hungary, surrounding all the buildings and defining the aesthetics of the garden. The cherry trees also dominate the imagery of the project, clearly indicating the commitment of the residential estate to nature. 

The exclusive designer approach was a guiding principle also in interior design, which ensures that residents will be able to enjoy convenient and practical spaces also in smaller flats. 

Good news for interested potential buyers: sales commenced in 2017, and 75% of the apartments had been sold by November, 2018. We could say that The Gardens Budapest project is on the right track. 

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