3 towers, each resembling a small Empire State Building, with terraces on different levels. 76 % of all residential apartments will have spectacular views of the forests and Carpathian mountains, these being the highest in Romania and home to Romania’s premier ski resort), Brasov is but 2 hours’ drive from Bucharest.

Being a mixed-use development, the ground floors will have shops and offices, with 2 underground levels for 400 car parking spaces.

Brasov Council granted building permits immediately, this being their premium Pioneer Project. The whole area is next to the main Bucharest road, and just 4 kms from the town centre. The value of this project will rise significantly as work on Brasov International Airport is underway; this is planned to open in 2019.

Crown Airport

Braşov-Ghimbav International Airport has been planned for the last 12 years. Crown International Properties S.R.L’s site adjoins the Baltic to Black Sea A3 motorway. In total, project costs are around one hundred million euros.

The airport is designed to handle medium-sized aircraft with a capacity of one million people per year. The terminal will be built modularly, to allow expansion. Crown owns 16,600m2 of land a kilometre from the airport runways, renovation of which was completed in 2017.Our airport site offers multiple uses once the Airport is opened, having 71 meters of dual carriageway road fronting it, from which it is set back by 235 meters. This plot could function as an Airport Office, a freight forwarding depot, Hotel or logistics centre.

At present agricultural, the land’s development designation is being changed to allow infrastructure developments supporting the International Airport itself.

Crown Valley

The Covasna County town of Sfantu Gheorghe has 54,000 residents, and is 30 kilometres north of Brasov. Here, Crown International Properties S.R.L. purchased 225,000 m2 of land less than a kilometre from the Sfantu Gheorghe town centre, on a south-facing mountain side below the forested National Park. When the land is re-zoned to Residential, its value will rise rapidly. And, on implementation, Sfantu Gheorghe District Council will lay all the utilities to the site: sewage, water, electricity, gas and telephone.

Our business plan envisages selling off plots of some 400 - 750m2 on which both locals and skiing enthusiasts can build their own houses. The Crown Valley Project will create a new Village community of around 300 ~ 450 homes. The Project will be constructed in 5 phases of 50 - 100 plots; Crown Valley has the consent and blessing from the Sfantu Gheorghe District Council, Chief Architect and Mayor.